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In The Spotlight: Suellen Durkin

Suellen will be coming up on her 6th year anniversary with Sandy Cove Advisors in November.  Suellen is the Director of Accounting and Business Services at Sandy Cove and handles all things financial for the company.   She works with some of our family office clients with more complex needs, including monthly expense tracking, pro forma’s and tracking their direct investments.  She is uniquely suited for this type of work given her 8 years with the FBI in their White-Collar Crime and Forensic Division.   Suellen also enjoys working with the clients in handling their daily client service needs.  Suellen just completed a Trust Fundamentals Course through the Cannon Financial Institute which focuses on the role of a fiduciary professional and the impact of decision making in the areas of trust and estate planning.  

On the personal side, Suellen recently moved to Norwell after residing in Cohasset for nearly 20 years. She has six children which keep her very busy, with three currently in college, two in high school and a daughter launched in her career.  Suellen enjoys, reading, cooking, walking and has recently begun gardening.

To learn a little more about Suellen see her responses to a round of Q&A below:

Q:  Besides the Cannon Trust Course you recently completed, how else are you expanding your professional knowledge?  I try to attend 2-3 events per quarter where the topics are of interest to our clients.  I recently attended an event on Cybersecurity and learned that adding a single character to a password boosts its security exponentially.  An 8 character password can be cracked in 5 hours but by adding 1 character it would take 5 days to crack.  A 10 character password can take 4 months to crack.

Q:  How do you prefer to start your day?  Mornings before anyone else is up is my favorite time of day.  I like to start the day with a warm cup of lemon water with fresh ginger and honey.  When I really need a kick start, I add a pinch of cayenne pepper.

Q: What is your biggest pet peeve?  My biggest pet peeve is people who don’t use their directionals when driving and appear to be stopping for no reason.

Q:  If you could snap your fingers and become an expert in something what would it be?  I have always been fascinated with nutrition and how food affects daily living especially having raised a large family.  I would be a nutritionist.

Q:  Favorite Holiday?  Hands down, Thanksgiving.  You get to be with family, friends, watch football, and eat all day.  What could be better?

Q:What is something you’ve done, but will never do again?  I ran the Boston Marathon for my 40th birthday.  It was an incredible experience but I could never do it again.

Q:  What is the best compliment you’ve ever received?  When someone tells me they like my hair.  I have naturally curly hair, but spent most of my life trying to straighten it.  

Q:  What’s your guilty pleasure?   People Magazine…it’s mindless and entertaining!

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