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Sandy Cove helps individuals and families simplify
life in an increasingly complex world. 

Whether you’re planning for your retirement, navigating your financial affairs before or after a major life transition, or an executive with limited time to devote to personal finances, you can rely on us to deliver solutions highly customized to your specific needs.

At Sandy Cove, we work with clients on a confidential basis to:

  • Tailor personal, thoughtful solutions that align with your unique needs and goals
  • Bring simplicity to unravel the complexities of your particular situation
  • Invest thoughtfully for you and your family's future

Our team’s collective 60-plus years of experience in investments, taxation, and estate planning supports the delivery of customized solutions that can help you:

  • Feel fully knowledgeable about all aspect of your financial life
  • Make sound decisions that impact you and those you care about
  • Enjoy today, while feeling confident about tomorrow