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10 Great Locations to Retire in the US

Are you ready to retire? Congratulations! Quitting the workforce and living out your life in relaxed ease is the goal of many Americans as they approach retirement age. This is a great time in your life to look forward to. After all, the amount of work you have put in over the years should allow you to spend your golden years any way you see fit. Perhaps you’ve been dreaming of a sunny climate, an exceptional golf course close by, and a more relaxed lifestyle. That’s natural once you’ve retired to consider getting out of your current living environment to upgrade your housing space to one where you can live out your retirement years as you wish.

There are tons of great options right here in the United States to make a move for a the retirement of your dreams. Today we're sharing the top 10 locations to retire in the United States.1 Our roundup includes locations that are affordable, offer a high caliber of healthcare, and an excellent quality of life. 

1. The Villages, Florida

Florida is always on the “best of” retirement lists. The reason being is that the year-round sunny climate is very appealing. Plus, there are many communities that cater to the over 50 crowd. One of those is The Villages. This location in Florida is a dedicated retirement community of Sumter County, Florida that people love to live in.

2. San Marcos, Texas

Located within the Austin area of this great state is San Marcos. A pretty waterfront town with amazing weather and an upbeat southern environment. It doesn’t get any friendlier than Texas for the retirement community.

3. Summerville, South Carolina

A quaint old town with a ton of charming history is what you’ll get in Summerville. With a year-round climate of 64 degrees, this is the perfect spot to get away from the brutal winters up north.

4. Savannah, Georgia

A southern peach of a city if there was one! Savannah is historical charm, a laid-back lifestyle, and gorgeous golf courses if that’s high up on your list of retirement priorities.

5. Eaton, Colorado

The state of Colorado is rapidly becoming a popular retirement community, not only for its beauty but also it’s considered a “tax-friendly” retirement spot. The income tax system there makes sure retirees get a large deduction on their retirement income and inexpensive property taxes.

6. Virginia Beach, Virginia

If beachfront living is your dream, it’s an affordable option in Virginia. Virginia Beach and its sister city, Norfolk, are equally perfect places to retire. Great weather, fishing, and high-quality healthcare are a few of its perks.

7. Monticello, Utah

Access to healthcare and entertainment make Monticello, Utah a nice place to settle down during your retirement years. Plus, it’s less crowded than many traditional retirement cities and has a very low crime rate.

8. Casper, Wyoming

If you like outdoor activities in a temperate climate, Wyoming may be calling your name. This city is ideal for someone’s later years with gorgeous terrain and no state income tax.

9. Sun Valley, Idaho

Doesn’t Sun Valley just sound like a lovely place to live? In Idaho, you’re going to find that cost of living is 9.6 percent lower than the national average. Your money will definitely go further in this sunny place.

10. Peoria, Arizona

Arizona is a perfect place to warm your bones year round with a climate that’s hot, hot, hot. Peoria specifically is located in central Arizona and has a large active community of retirees. So if you’re interested in mingling with the over 50 crowd, this is a great city to have that friendly lifestyle.

1 https://www.aarp.org/home-family/your-home/best-places-to-live

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