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What We're Reading This Week....Friday December 14, 2018

What We're Reading...

  • Researchers found one way that long-term marriages get happier (Quartz
  • We’re No Longer in the Smartphone Plateau. We’re in the Smartphone Decline. (New York Magazine)      
  • Global Recession Alarms Aren't Ringing (Wall Street Journal)
  • A Surprising Push By the Invisible Hand: Companies Are Doing Better By Being Good (Forbes
  • Plastic Water Bottles, Which Enabled a Drinks Boom, Now Threaten a Crisis (Wall Street Journal) but see  Scientists accidentally create mutant enzyme that eats plastic bottles (the     Guardian
  • The Perils of Trying to Time the Market (The Economist)
  • Bogle: RIAs Are the Future; Trading Is Investors’ Enemy (ThinkAdvisor