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What We're Reading... September 6, 2019

What We're Reading This Weekend... September 6, 2019

• Negative Interest Rates Are Extremely Toxic (The Market

• The Market Forces That Propelled a Massive Rally in Long Bonds (Wall Street Journal) see also Positive yields ahoy! Investors hoover up European junk bond issues (Reuters)

• The Evolution of Tennis in Four Grips (New York Times) - Toni

• Five rules to Improve Your Financial Health (Investopedia) 

• Citizen Ray: Bridgewater’s Ray Dalio is the wise uncle you wished you had (TechCrunch)

• The Big Short’s Michael Burry Explains Why Index Funds Are Like Subprime CDOs (Bloomberg) - Deirdre

• How the plastic bottle went from miracle container to hated garbage (National Geographic) - Courtney

• Why the First Million is the Hardest (Investopedia)  - Katie