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What We're Reading ....April 5, 2019

What We’re reading…..

  • The Lehman Curse: After a string of flops, can the nearly four-hour “Lehman Trilogy” play turn around Wall Street drama? (Institutional Investor) - Deirdre
  • 7 Financial Lessons to Master by Age 30 (Investopedia)  - Katie
  • Wimbledon's Most Sought-after Tickets' Go On Sale For $105,000 (CNN) – Toni
  • Your Home May Be An Investment But don’t Expect it to Fund Your Financial Goals (Abnormal Returns) – Katie
  • House Committee Passes Bill to Upgrade 401(k) Plans Amid ‘Retirement Income Crisis’ (CNBC) -  Toni
  • Howard Marks on Growing the Pie (Oaktree Capital) And….Ray Dalio Sounds a New Alarm on Capitalism’s Flaws, Warns of Revolution (Bloomberg)  - Rob