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Investment Process

Asset Allocation Asset Allocation

Our process begins with a thorough review of a clients goals, objectives and risk tolerance. As a planning based firm, we spend a lot of time and effort getting to know our clients and getting their asset allocation right. 

We employ a strategic long-term asset allocation framework across a multitude of asset classes, capitalization's and styles that should provide solid investment returns over multiple market cycles. 

Return Projections- To Build Strong Portfolios

Making appropriate return assumptions is a critical first step to meeting portfolio goals and expectations. We use a proven process that ensures the most accurate Long Term Capital Market Assumptions available for planning and portfolio construction.

Portfolio Construction Portfolio Construction

We are mindful when creating our clients’ long-term investment portfolios to use a range of assets to diversify risk while building portfolios that are resilient in different economic conditions.  The construction of portfolios is always in-tune with our clients’ objectives for income, growth and risk-tolerance.

We endeavor to construct portfolios that strike an appropriate balance of Active and Passive investments. We select active managers that have a proven sustainable advantage and passive indexes that are low cost and most relevant in the current investing environment.

 Manager & Security Selection Manager & Security Selection

We utilize a completely unbiased manager-of-managers process to find the best investment strategies around the globe for our clients. We accept no fees other than from our clients, avoiding any conflicts posed by product offerings or external incentives. 

Our proprietary screening process ranks over 10,000 exchange traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds and separately managed accounts (SMAs) each quarter. Only the highest ranking investments, that screen well qualitatively and quantitatively, make their way into client portfolios.

Monitoring & Re-balancing Monitoring & Re-balancing

Periodic re-balancing, according to the client’s asset allocation, disciplines us to trim expensive assets that have run up in value, and add to cheaper assets when their prices have pulled back in value. A disciplined approach to re-balancing leads to better investment returns and reduces errors related to emotional decision making.

From the Desk of Kate Saltonstall
Chief Investment Officer

Sandy Cove Advisors

Investment Officer, Financial Advisor

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August Market Update 

Equity markets started the month on a positive note, but fell into negative territory in response to Chairman Powell’s comments surrounding rate hikes. Markets reassessed asset prices as if central banks will continue to raise rates higher to combat stubbornly high inflation (increasing the denominator of the pricing equation). Investment firms are not crying recession yet, thanks to recent upbeat data, but the market has certainly pulled back in the final days of the month. There is a large amount of geopolitical risk keeping volatility high: Russia-Ukraine war continues, impacting energy and food supply; Europe shows recessionary signs as it experiences an energy crisis due to unreliable supply from Russia; and China reacts to an uptick in cases by restarting lockdowns in some regions, slowing output. Exogenous forces continue to paint an uncertain future for energy, input prices, and upstream supply chain speedbumps from China.


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