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A highly personalized set of solutions.

Divorce Planning

Partner During Divorce Process

As experienced Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® practitioners (CDFA®), we work alongside you and your divorce attorney to provide invaluable analysis that shows the financial effect of any given divorce settlement. Our goal is to help you and your attorney confidently achieve the best possible outcome for future financial security.  We are able to assist you through all phases of your divorce. By working with a CDFA®, we find that individuals and their attorneys are able to conserve emotional and financial resources through the divorce process.

Following the settlement, we work with your team of advisors to manage your financial future. We provide the gift of time and peace of mind so you are able to spend time with your family throughout this transition. Our team is a consistent support and resource for any financial question, hurdle or goal you have in the future.

Why did we Chose this Niche?

When we opened our doors in 2010, the marketplace quickly made obvious the need for financial advisors who could deliver comprehensive divorce planning.  Thoughtfully, and with compassion, our Divorce Planning practice was built. We have found that clients become overwhelmed with gathering the required data and support for the divorce process. Many times they are paralyzed and get stuck because they are fearful for their future financial security.  Through personal and professional experience, our team is aptly qualified to transition any client toward financial confidence and understanding.

Meet our Divorce Planning Team:

Sandy Cove Advisors has carefully constructed a team of professionals dedicated to navigating the many moving parts of a divorce.  Deirdre Prescott, Jennifer Mitchell and Toni Grimm are Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® practitioners (CDFA®). They are passionate in supporting and empowering clients through this difficult and emotional process.  

For a confidential conversation, please contact us at (617) 622-1500.

Deirdre R. Prescott, CDFA®

President & Founder
Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

Jennifer Mitchell, CDFA®

Managing DirectorCertified Divorce Financial Analyst

Toni Grimm, CDFA®

Director-Financial Planning 
Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

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