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Ladies Golf Clinic

Last week Sandy Cove Advisors hosted our first social event in over a year by inviting a group of friends to a ladies’ golf short-game clinic at Black Rock Country Club.  We feel strongly about establishing a work/life balance, and the role that socialization and exercise plays in meeting that value.  Golf is one of the few sports that allows you to have full conversations with those around you while you play 3, 9 or 18 holes.  Be it family, friends or business, many relationships have been built and strengthened on the golf course.   The handicap system also evens the playing field for all ages and experience level, giving players the opportunity to play with anyone. 

We hosted a ladies’ clinic to encourage our friends in the community to come out and try something new. While golf has traditionally been a male dominated sport, like many, we’re hoping to see more women on the course.  Our good friend and freelance writer, Lynn Cotter, has made it her mission to engage more women in golf by establishing a web site full of tips and resources, Lynn On the Links.

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