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Personal CFO for the C-Suite Executive

Even those with a tremendous amount of investing experience seek our services. Many of these individuals are high-level executives with limited time to focus on their own personal needs. Their lives include a level of complexity that would benefit from the services of a personal CFO.

James Schwartzman approached Sandy Cove upon realizing that he simply did not have the time to focus on the myriad financial responsibilities that encompassed his own life. As the 49-year-old CEO of a money management firm, James needed an array of financial support that included finalizing an estate plan for a complicated family situation, annual expense reporting, and charitable giving.

Our approach

Our work with James included the following:

  1. Scanned and reviewed all of his important documents, then created a “First Impressions” report with our observations and recommendations
  2. Prepared expense and cash flow reports that included the discovery of multiple auto-bill-pays on his credit cards
  3. Performed ongoing bi-annual reviews of his cash flow, organized by spending categories
  4. Set up a new online bill payment system for him
  5. Coordinated the refinancing of a $10 million second home, which involved contacting multiple banking institutions to identify the best deal structure and providing all required underwriting documentation (tax returns, K-1s, partnership agreements, etc.)
  6. Established a charitable gift fund to streamline his philanthropy
  7. Coordinated the purchase of multiple life insurance policies, Crummey letters, etc. and the subsequent administration of these policies. 

Benefits of working with us

James enjoys having a personal CFO who can keep his financial affairs organized, provide ongoing guidance, and keep a watchful eye on important issues relating to his wealth. He can now devote his energies to his family and career with the confidence that an objective and trusted firm like Sandy Cove will manage his financial life assist in the management of his financial needs.

James Schwartzman is not an actual client. However, his story is similar to the experiences of some clients that work with us. His story is used for illustrative purposes only.

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